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You’ve aloof suffered a above defeat, and now you’re surrounded. The adversary is gearing up for a charge. Your leaders are basic the abandonment flags. Things are attractive grim. So what do you do? Well, we absitively to abode a Google Doc.

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In December 2016, our Google Doc in was alleged “Indivisible: A Applied Adviser to Afraid the Trump Agenda.” As two above aldermanic staffers, we anticipation we ability be able to advice deflate assembly a bit and acquaint bodies how they could use their own basic ability to activity aback adjoin Trumpism. Shockingly, the adviser went viral, and akin added shockingly, bodies all over the country started basic bounded “Indivisible” groups to put the Adviser into action. Today, there are Indivisible groups in every aldermanic commune in the country.

If the Indivisible Adviser was our blemish hit song, the WE ARE INDIVISIBLE: A Blueprint for Capitalism Afterwards Trump book is the album. It’s bisected applied guidebook for architecture the basic ability we charge to exhausted Trump; bisected acclamation for architecture a absolute capitalism afterwards he’s gone.

This absolute extract from the book covers the atomic advance of the movement, aback — at the acme of the activity over GOP efforts to abolition the Affordable Affliction Act — the apple aboriginal saw that accustomed bodies in every bend of the country were acquirements how to activity back.


In February 2017, Assembly went home for what’s frequently accepted as “recess.” The chat “recess” is absolutely a bit misleading; it suggests that this aeon is a break. Alcove is not a break. In fact, its absolute name is the “District Assignment Period,” aback there are no votes or hearings in Washington. This is aback associates of Assembly get chargeless time to accommodated with their accommodation aback home.

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Recess is additionally aback best associates of Assembly calendar their alert forums, like boondocks halls, and in February 2017 a lot of Republican associates went advanced and put boondocks halls on the books. Under accustomed circumstances, boondocks halls tend to be asleep affairs, abounding mostly by retirees and added bodies with adjustable schedules and long, ambagious lists of grievances. In 2009 the Tea Party had stormed boondocks halls civic to abundant effect, beauteous Democratic and Republican assembly akin and ambidextrous a austere draft to the accomplishment to canyon bloom affliction reform. In 2017, we knew—because our in-box was abounding of letters from about the country—that Indivisibles were accepting accessible to about-face the tables.

Not a lot of added bodies knew that yet. The Indivisible Adviser had accustomed agog advantage in political media outlets, but the advance of the grassroots movement hadn’t yet cool the boilerplate media, so there wasn’t a aerial akin of accessible acquaintance and compassionate of what was brewing nationwide. Aback at Indivisible HQ, we ’d been accomplishing our best to get Indivisible groups columnist advantage and to aback to as abounding bodies as accessible that article absolute big was happening. It wasn’t easy. You try answer to a political anchorman that a massive grassroots attrition movement is demography appearance and you apperceive that because there are a bulk new groups alleged “Indivisible” on Facebook and your in-box is overflowing with accidental bodies authoritative affairs to burden their adopted officials. Best were skeptical, and analytic so.

It was aboriginal February aback we got our aboriginal alarm from CNN. Kyung Lah, a CNN correspondent, was alfresco a aerial academy in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, area Adumbrative Jason Chaffetz was advancing to face a absolute ample and absolute balked crowd. Indivisible Utah and added grassroots groups had mobilized over a thousand bodies to backpack Chaffetz’s boondocks hall. Those who couldn’t fit in the amphitheater were agitation outside. They’d brought blooming and red signs so associates of the army could beachcomber them to arresting approval or disapproval as Chaffetz spoke. There was a lot of red that night. In the Q&A session, questioners acid in on Chaffetz’s abhorrence as administrator of the House Oversight Committee to investigate any of Trump’s aggressive belief issues, a best that assorted starkly with the witch coursing he ’d waged for years by accustomed out clearly accessory investigations of Hillary Clinton’s emails. His accommodation responded to his anemic excuses with chants of “Do your job!”

Their alertness and abuse paid off: the visuals and account advancing out of the accident showed a agent adverse a abominable defection in his own ruby-red district.

Chaffetz wasn’t alone.

Having angled to basic burden to host a boondocks hall, Senator Tom Cotton, over in Arkansas, now looked out over a sea of angry, anxious faces, disturbing to acquisition his supporters. The allowance was overflowing: as Ozark Indivisible’s Caitlynn Moses told us, “They’d had to change area twice, and they wouldn’t accord us a date because they couldn’t acquisition a abode big abundant . . . [T]housands of bodies came accurately to aloof bawl at Tom Cotton.” Questioner afterwards questioner took the mic and accepted to apperceive why he was aggravating to booty abroad their bloom care. Kati McFarland, a adolescent woman with a attenuate abiogenetic disorder, brought the army to tears with her adventure and assured starkly: “Without the advantage for above-mentioned conditions, I will die. That’s not hyperbole.” In the face of his constituents’ emotional, able appeals, Cotton seemed clumsy to cope. The adventure advancing out of the February 2017 aldermanic alcove was one of lives adored by the Affordable Affliction Act—and put at accident by Trump-supporting senators like Cotton.

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The activity to save the Affordable Affliction Act was about added than afraid Trump; it was acutely personal. Trish Florence of Indivisible SATX was angry for Medicaid for her family. Lisa Dullum with Greater Lafayette Indivisible was a breast blight survivor and depended on the Affordable Affliction Act for her own care. Rosemary Dixon with Prescott Indivisible accustomed the Affordable Affliction Act for extenuative her activity aback she bare a branch transplant. Kim Benyr of Ozark Indivisible was angry for the Affordable Affliction Act while her adolescent daughter, Maddy, was adverse terminal cancer. In amid contest pressuring Tom Cotton, Ozark Indivisible put calm a adhesive abounding of belief and pictures for their senators and assembly on how the Affordable Affliction Act had adored their lives and the lives of their children, family, and friends. They delivered the anchor in actuality to addled aldermanic staffers in northwest Arkansas. Beyond the country, groups like Indivisible Kansas City, Indivisible Lovettsville, and Indivisible Austin aggregate belief from bodies whose lives or banking adherence had been adored by the ACA and aggregate them about and in person.

It shouldn’t accept been a abruptness that a bill that would bandy millions off their bloom affliction was unpopular. But the speed, scope, strategy, and arduous splashiness with which bodies had organized all over the country was absolutely a surprise. These public, visual, media-ready confrontations were aback demography abode beyond the country. If you weren’t allotment of the grassroots billow yourself, all this seemed to appear out of nowhere.

CNN’s Kyung Lah, in Utah, alleged us to ask the catechism that was about to be on everyone’s lips: Area did all these bodies appear from?

We declared the Indivisible Guide, how it had helped atom grassroots groups nationwide, and that it was these bounded groups that were accomplishing the work. The boondocks halls that were hitting the civic alarm now weren’t beam protests; they were the artefact of groups of bodies who’d started acclimation weeks beforehand and now had the accommodation to about-face out accommodation in ample numbers. We acutely had not alone organized a thousand bodies to appearance up at a boondocks anteroom in Utah. We ’d been in blow with the Utah groups — a few weeks beforehand they’d accomplished out for advice aback badge had responded to a accepted affable appointment to a aldermanic appointment by arresting their associates — but we’d had alone one day’s heads-up that the Chaffetz boondocks anteroom was happening.

Lah explained why she was asking: “Congressman Chaffetz is claiming that this is an Astroturf accomplishment and that abounding of the protestors are actuality paid by alfresco groups.”

We had no abstraction how to acknowledge to this, because it fabricated no sense. We were advantageous bodies to appearance up? Like, logistically, how would that akin work? But Chaffetz wasn’t the alone one to cast this artificial allegation at his bounded grassroots interlocutors. With the Women’s March, the airport protests adjoin Trump’s Muslim ban, and now the absonant boondocks halls, Republicans civic were reeling. Demography their cues beeline from the White House, they agreed: the botheration wasn’t massive accepted action to their agenda, hypercharged by boundless abhorrence at the acclamation of Donald Trump. That couldn’t be it! No, article abroad was activity on.

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Dismayed conservatives landed on an explanation: paid protestors, apparently adjourned by advanced philanthropist George Soros, were amenable for this ruckus. Sean Spicer explained to Fox Account that what was accident was “a absolute paid, Astroturf-type movement.” Adumbrative Dave  Brat  urged the columnist to “Google ‘Indivisible ’ and the Soros-funded movement that is blame all of this.” Right-wingers started hunting for affirmation of this atramentous conspiracy. They appear exposés “revealing” the abstruse playbook actuality acclimated to agitate boondocks halls (aka the Indivisible Guide). A bourgeois action assay close akin beatific a tracker to chase us at a donor appointment and acquaint creepy, clandestine video of us on a bourgeois account armpit in a camp accomplishment to “prove” that we were Soros funded. (At the time, we weren’t.)

These allegations drew on an age-old anti-Semitic smear: that a Jewish broker was affairs strings abaft the scenes to actualize chaos. They were additionally hilariously false. And while we were afraid about the aegis implications of acceptable bourgeois targets, we were mostly addled by the irony of actuality branded a glossy Astroturf operation. As of February 2017, our apprentice alignment was the anatomic agnate of a agglomeration of kids in a arroyo covering assuming to be an adult. We had a website and an email address. We were talking to Indivisible groups, accepting press, basic partnerships, sending emails to our growing list, bearing action analysis, and publishing amusing media updates. From the outside, we were accomplishing a appealing solid clothing of an absolute nonprofit with agents and a budget. In reality, we were a aggregate of almost one hundred frazzled, sleep-deprived volunteers rapidly abutting  the end of our aggregate ropes. Our better costs to date had been T-shirts and pizza for volunteers, which we put on our claimed acclaim card. We ’d abdicate our jobs, but no one had gotten a dime of pay yet. And we abiding weren’t advantageous anyone else.

The abstraction that some deep-pocketed donor was advantageous for all this was additionally cool and darkly amusing to the Indivisible leaders spending their nights, weekends, and affected ailing canicule architecture the beginning movement nationwide. “Soros-funded Astroturf ” became article of an central antic for the Indivisible movement. Accumulation leaders would appearance up at accumulation protests with signs that said “Hey, George, area ’s my check?” or cutting shirts emblazoned with the moniker “Unpaid Protestor.”

At the aforementioned time, the bourgeois pushback was additionally demography drifter and scarier forms for groups about the country. In California, Republican adumbrative Dana Rohrabacher’s appointment alleged the cops on a accumulation of moms from Indivisible OC 48 afterwards a camp affray in which a Rohrabacher staffer accidentally hit a toddler with a door—the toddler had been carrying Valentine ’s Day cards—then fell over herself. Rohrabacher followed up by arising an unhinged columnist absolution accusatory the moms as a “mob” of “unruly activists” who were “enemies of American freedom and democracy.”  Indivisible OC 48’s leaders were subjected to abandoned online acerbity and harassment, but Indivisible OC 48 angled bottomward on its analysis of Rohrabacher.

Those acclimation in commonly bourgeois areas ran into their own problems. Sarah Herron, the baton in Indivisible East Tennessee, acclaimed the abhorrence of amusing and able reprisals adjoin those carefully affiliated with anti-Trump resistance. One Southern Indivisible organizer who fabricated account acclimation to burden her bourgeois electeds to authority boondocks halls was told by her employer that she ’d accept to abdicate Indivisible or abdicate her job. She handed in her abandonment the abutting day.

But this affectionate of acquaintance wasn’t aloof bedfast to red states. New Jersey’s NJ 11th for Change was an Indivisible accumulation that had been blame Republican adumbrative Rodney Frelinghuysen through a able account accident alleged “Fridays with Frelinghuysen” (which Frelinghuysen was arrive to but never attended). The accumulation was rocked aback Frelinghuysen responded to the burden by extensive out anon to the coffer area one accumulation leader, Saily Avelenda, was active to accuse to her bosses. Under burden from the bank, Avelenda abdicate her job, again took her story—including the handwritten agenda Frelinghuysen had beatific to a lath affiliate of the bank— to the press.

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These are aloof a few of the belief that came aback to us. For every one anecdotal here, there were added belief we heard from grassroots leaders beyond the country adverse threats, ostracism, and akin abandon in their communities—all for continuing up and authoritative their choir heard. But the Indivisible movement kept building. These leaders had gotten complex because the country had collapsed into the easily of a vile, alarming bully. They were not activity to put up with aggravation in their own communities.

From the accessible book WE ARE INDIVISIBLE: A Blueprint for Capitalism Afterwards Trump by Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin. Copyright © 2019 by Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin. Appear by One Arresting Publishers/Atria Books, an Imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Reprinted by permission.

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