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Thoughts while cat-and-mouse for NFL.com to advertise a No. 17 Giants jersey with “H. Smith” on the back…

Invitation Card Background Hd Images | Invitationsjdi

Invitation Card Background Hd Images | Invitationsjdi | engagement invitation card background hd

I can’t remember: Was it the 1931 or the 1932 Bears who had their analysis abatement afar afterwards Red Grange and Bronko Nagurski were bent with StarCaps in their urine samples?

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

“Next time I get to the end zone, I’m absolutely accomplishing the Plax dance! In added words, you accept annihilation to anguish about, Mr. Goodell.”

So … um … do Houston’s four WNBA championship banners appearance up on eBay abutting week? The ceremony after? How does this work? I appetite to buy one with my anew created eBay username, “wenevergotnext.”

Best antic that’s been e-mailed to me in some anatomy by assorted readers: If the 2008 Lions go winless (or, as I like to alarm it, “overfeated”), will we see video footage of the 1976 Bucs appropriately cloudburst Keystone Light on ceremony other?

Aback ABC launches a game-show pilot alleged “Country Singer, Famous Assassin or Kick Returner?” the final catechism will absolutely be, “Who is Johnnie Lee Higgins?”

The highlight of my Thanksgiving weekend: Including a cool allegory in aftermost week’s NBA cavalcade about Deron Williams’ 2008-09 stats adjoin Chris Paul’s 2008-09 stats (even admitting Williams had played alone two games), acquisitive to abet a battery of “That’s not fair, Williams was hurt!” e-mails from the trigger-happy Jazz admirers … and about 900 e-mails and eight canicule later, they’re still sending affronted e-mails. Utah admirers are the best. They absolutely are. As far as inferiority complexes go, they ability be the Joe Pesci of NBA fan bases. They’re funny.

See area you are in three weeks; appropriate now, you’re about as astute as unemployed Pop Warner parents aloof about their kids. If you exhausted the Celtics on Christmas Day, afresh you can allocution about 70 wins and whether Trevor Ariza is bigger than Scottie Pippen. I charge to move soon.

I couldn’t accede added with Emmitt Smith: Steve Slaton “is the blazon of active aback who makes plays with his legs.” I accept been adage this ALL SEASON.

If they anytime adapted “Die Hard” with an all-black cast, wouldn’t the advance appearance accept to be alleged Le’Ron McLain?

Well, the fifth analysis of “Entourage” wasn’t doubtful at all: I can absolutely see Vince’s accident his career afterwards one bad cine (so what if Colin Farrell has fabricated 15 stinkers and keeps accepting jobs?), acceptable Hollywood poison, accepting a job alone because his abettor anesthetized up a $10-million-a-year collapsed arch position to breach with him — you know, because agents accept such abundant appearance — submarining an busy $120 amateur activity cine that somehow came calm in about 2.23 abnormal because the administrator hated him (in the irony of ironies, because he didn’t anticipate Vince, a guy played by Adrian Grenier, could act), hitting bedrock basal and affective aback to Queens, afresh climactically airy with the advance in Martin Scorsese’s new cine afterwards anytime auditioning for it, and while all of this was accident Jamie-Lynn Sigler fell in adulation with a abandoned Turtle, and Johnny Brawl starred on an NBC brawl that commonly would bandage for 17 hours a day, unless your appearance stars Johnny Drama, in which case you bandage already a ages for a brace of minutes. Awesome. I’d ask for that 390 account of my activity back, but it’s my own accountability for watching. I accusation myself.

Jason Kempin/WireImage

It’s time to put Vince and his aggregation area they would be in the absolute world.

What was added improbable: Michael Turner’s acceptable added admired than just-about-washed-up above assistant LaDainian Tomlinson, or Anna Paquin acceptable added accordant than just-about-washed-up “Almost Famous” casting acquaintance Kate Hudson?

Affliction subplot of the Plax shooting: Every time I watch the coffer robbery arena in “Heat” from now on, aback De Niro takes a blood-soaked Kilmer to Dr. Piven for the abstruse hospital analysis afterward, I’m activity to anticipate about Plax and what an idiot he is. And frankly, that’s not fair.

Afterwards Bernard Pollard accomplished off Tom Brady in Ceremony 1, I anticipate he sneaked over to Randy Moss, broke both of Moss’ easily and alone one of his retinas … alone we absent it.

Repeat afterwards me: It can’t be a “Subway Super Bowl” aback both teams brawl in New Jersey. It can’t be a “Subway Super Bowl” aback both teams brawl in New Jersey. It can’t be a “Subway Super Bowl” aback both teams brawl in New Jersey.

What would accept happened at a 2007 Arkansas tailgate if a blitzed Razorbacks fan offered anybody $100 at 50-to-1 allowance that Peyton Hillis would accomplishment with added 2008 fantasy credibility than both Darren McFadden and Felix Jones? And why do I accept a activity Jerry Jones fabricated his billions in a agnate way?

If somebody was affairs T-shirts online with the photo of Plax in handcuffs, would I acquirement one aloof to feel bigger about the adverse contest of Super Bowl XLII?


Yes. Yes, I would.

Has there anytime been a football amateur listed as “questionable” added generally than Brian Westbrook? Does this extend to added genitalia of his life? Can anyone await on him? Do his buddies accomplish affairs to see a cine with him alive that he’s ambiguous to appearance up? Does he accelerate aback bells invitations blockage both the “Yes, I Will Attend” and “No, I Will Not Attend?” boxes? What would it be like if he hosted a radio show? All right, that’s it for today’s show, I’ll see you tomorrow, or I ability not. Why aren’t we calling him Brian “Mr. Questionable” Westbrook?

So, the Jonas Brothers don’t drink, they don’t smoke, they don’t do drugs, they don’t accept sex. … I mean, there’s NO WAY these kids were home-schooled. That’s aloof too farfetched.

Not to be a affair pooper, but with “The Ageless” Fred Taylor’s career ambagious down, somebody needs to accept “ageless” cachet in 2009. I vote for Warrick Dunn because his circuit move is like Seth Rogen’s dice-roll brawl move in “Knocked Up” — it’s able the aboriginal few times until you apprehend it’s all he has — alone Rogen landed Katherine Heigl’s appearance and Dunn keeps accepting aboriginal downs. So there you go.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

“Anyone adjustment a claimed foul?”

Mujahid Hussain (mh13) on Pinterest - engagement invitation card background hd

Mujahid Hussain (mh13) on Pinterest – engagement invitation card background hd | engagement invitation card background hd

Agenda to Shannon Sharpe: Keep that Thanksgiving Day cardboard bag on your arch for the blow of the season. You could be like the Unknown Comic — or in this case, the Unknown Pregame Appearance Guy. Aloof try it. If we can’t accept you, CBS will accord us closed-captioning. Which ability not be a bad idea, anyway. I say run with this.

Hey, is there any way for the Chiefs to anesthetize Larry Johnson into cerebration every short-yardage bearings is absolutely a awash bar abounding with the boyfriends of women who aloof resisted his advances?

Speaking of abbreviate yardage, you apperceive Philly is disturbing aback clairvoyant Dan from Fairfax, Va., sends me a continued e-mail answer why Andy Reid should assurance a “little person,” afresh accept McNabb bandage up in shotgun accumulation while captivation the “little person,” booty a shotgun snap, duke the brawl to the “little person,” afresh cast him over the abhorrent and arresting curve into the end zone. And Dan was serious. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2008 Philadelphia Eagles!

In retrospect, David Garrard’s $60 amateur addendum would be like NBC’s giving Andy Samberg $60 amateur appropriate afterwards “D— In a Box.” You ability accept capital to let that one breathe a little, Jacksonville.

My vote for best optimistic Giants fan: Patrick M. in New York asks, “Is there any adventitious Eli’s stats won’t adore a post-Plaxico brief acceleration agnate to what happened to David Silver afterwards Scott attempt himself during Analysis 2 of ‘90210’?”

(I adulation Giants fans. You’re right, guys — you’re abundant bigger off afterwards your 6-foot-5 ambition who dead teams in the red zone. You won’t absence him at all. And accepting your brilliant average linebacker potentially branch to bastille for cabal to awning up a abomination won’t be a aberration in any way. You’ll be fine.)

My devil’s apostle aegis of Cheddar Plax: Didn’t the boilerplate media absorb aftermost ceremony assault the one-year ceremony of Sean Taylor’s afterlife into the arena and affliction the actuality that NFL players don’t feel safe anymore? And aren’t those aforementioned media guys now skewering Plax for bringing a pistol into a bistro for protection? I’m confused.

Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Here are two rules in life: Don’t accomplish eye acquaintance with Ray Lewis … and don’t blend with Jack Bauer’s kid.

The analogue of irony: Edward Jones Investments absitively it would be a acceptable abstraction to acquirement the allotment rights for St. Louis’ football stadium, alone now it’s the best black army in the NFL added than Detroit, and every ceremony announcers say things like, “Man, you can apprehend a pin bead actuality at the Edward Jones Dome.” Now that’s a accommodation that makes me appetite to advance with Edward Jones! Wait, you’re the geniuses abaft the Edward Jones Dome? Here’s my money, guys! Knock yourselves out!

Let’s achieve this already and for all: Did Jared Allen acquaint his barber, “Make my beard attending absolutely like Nic Cage in ‘Con Air'”?

No archetypal bold has taken a bigger actual abatement for affidavit that had annihilation to do with the bold itself than the 2006 Rose Bowl afterwards the pro careers (so far) of Vince Young, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush. It’s like if “The Godfather” won bristles Oscars in 1972, and aural three years, Pacino was the fourth advance on “Sanford and Son,” Brando was the baker on “The Streets of San Francisco,” and Jimmy Caan was accomplishing soft-core porn.

I don’t appetite to say The Killers are activity in the amiss direction, but their third anthology fabricated their additional anthology complete like a cantankerous amid “Born in the USA” and “Nevermind” … and I’m currently application the additional album’s CD as a coaster for amber ale.

If Heidi and Spencer don’t carbon the real-life Damien Omen, afresh it’s never happening.

Agenda to every awful cornerback: If your guy has four accomplish on you for a abiding TD, alone the QB underthrows him to the amount that the guy has to put on the brakes, stop and jump for the ball, giving you time to ability him and avert the canyon … this doesn’t beggarly you’re accustomed to brawl about afterwards while bouncing the “incomplete” arresting with your arms, or as I like to alarm it, “The Deltha O’Neal Shuffle.” Aloof put your arch bottomward and run aback to the ataxia in shame. OK? OK.

I’m burglary this antic from clairvoyant Bob in Allentown, Pa.: “What’s a bigger embarrassment for Philadelphians — accepting a black NFL aggregation with an out-of-shape QB and a abhorrent coach, or The Roots acceptable Jimmy Fallon’s abode band?”

Every time Gus Frerotte takes off his helmet and talks to a receiver, he has the aforementioned announcement Dermot Mulroney had aback Julia Roberts was professing her adulation for him in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” … and lemme acquaint you something, this is NOT a acceptable affair for your NFC North hopes, Minnesota.

Seriously, is there any acumen why Gregg Popovich is now dressing, attractive and acting like Sean Connery? Was he aggressive by a “Celebrity Jeopardy” account on “SNL” or something?

My anniversary wish: Marv Albert announces a Rams bold this ages aloof so we can apprehend him say the name, “Oshiomogho Atogwe.”

What a hit by Oshey-oh-MOGO, Ah-TEG-way!

Bill Simmons

How far abroad can Mark Blount, far left, get?

Speaking of robbery, I achievement you bent the Greatest Appearance on TV on Tuesday night — C-Webb, GP and Ahmad on NBA-TV — aback GP alleged out Luol Deng for annexation the Bulls with the $70 amateur extension, followed by C-Webb allurement if Deng wore a affectation during the robbery and GP answering that not alone did Deng airing in there afterwards a affectation or a gun, he had his feel blame into his covering abridged and affected to authority a gun as he committed the robbery. Now THAT, my friends, is brawl gold. This appearance has accomplished the point that I deathwatch up at 7 a.m. and think, “It’s Tuesday! Twelve hours until C-Webb and GP!” That’s right, I dumped Kenny, Ernie and Charles faster than Brad Pitt dumped Jennifer Aniston. Fellas, I didn’t plan on falling in adulation with addition abroad — it aloof affectionate of happened. I’m sorry. My affection now belongs to NBA-TV.

And on that note, let’s get to the Ceremony 14 picks (home teams in caps)…

Raiders ( 10) over CHARGERSI know, I already absent this one. Aloof capital to point out Oakland’s top-four receivers accept 53 catches, 747 yards and bristles TDs through 13 amateur this season. In added words, if you drafted “Every Oakland Receiver Combined” in your fantasy draft, you wouldn’t be starting him in Round 1 of the playoffs this week. Wow.

Thursday: 0-1Last week: 8-8Season: 97-90-5

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Arc background pink flowers leaf wedding invitation .. | engagement invitation card background hd

That reminds me, the abutting time an NFL amateur tells a radio base article as incriminating as this …

“In my 11 years, this is apparently the affliction team, accent the chat ‘team,’ that I’ve been on. We accept some outstanding players, but the mix is bad. We can’t absolutely acquisition that allure that we need. … We don’t accept that mix and it’s aloof boxy appropriate now.”

… could the admirers of that accurate aggregation amuse e-mail me the adduce and anticipate me from acrimonious that aggregation that weekend? Please? We’re all in this together. I adulterated aftermost week’s Jags-Texans bold alone because I never knew Taylor had aloof ablaze the 2008 analysis bottomward the toilet, absolved out of the bath and told anybody else, “Don’t go in there.” It’s upsetting.

Bengals ( 13.5) over COLTSSome things to accede with the Colts…

1. I would rather accept my fantasy aggregation dead instantly by Tom Brady’s knee abrasion afresh dead boring over the advance of 13 weeks by Joe Addai and Reggie Wayne. I don’t like to suffer.

2. If you noticed how the Cleveland Cromeos dedicated Manning aftermost week, they ample the bandage of scrimmage, pressured him and dared him to bandy abysmal … and he couldn’t do it. Not a acceptable assurance for the Colts’ playoff hopes. Alike if they’re the luckiest football aggregation in the history of the planet.

3. Which reminds me, the Colts are bristles plays abroad from potentially actuality 3-9: Tarvaris Jackson’s additional impaired about-face in Ceremony 2; Sage Rosenfels aggravating to bound two guys for a aboriginal bottomward in Ceremony 5; Dave Thomas’ brainless backward hit in Ceremony 9; Marvin Harrison’s fourth-down bolt in San Diego (Week 10); and Derek Anderson averseness abroad the advance (and the game) in Ceremony 12. If those bristles plays had gone the added way, the Colts would be 3-9. I watched all bristles of those amateur and say that with complete certainty. So there.

Paul Jasienski/Getty Images

“Hey! Did you guys apperceive the alliance logo is on this? I’ve never captivated it this continued so I didn’t apprehension before.”

PACKERS (-6) over TexansThe 5-7 Packers accept basically destroyed the statistical agent at www.footballoutsiders.com. Aaron Schatz is abnormality the streets of Massachusetts appropriate now like Russell Crowe afterwards he went crazy in “A Beautiful Mind.” This is terrible. They accept to about-face it around. They’re too good. This is ridiculous. And if that didn’t amplitude you, how ’bout this: a decayed Matt Schaub in Lambeau! Tease the Packers and Bears and acknowledge me later.

LIONS ( 10) over VikingsSo, here’s my plan that I hatched during an unfathomably black Thanksgiving bold in Detroit: If the accompaniment of Michigan were a disturbing athlete, we’d say, “Man, he needs a change of scenery.” Well, why can’t we accord Michigan a change of scenery? What if we awash Michigan to Canada aback it’s appropriate on their border?

Think about it. Canada gets the airy lift of purchasing one of the 50 states, as able-bodied as musicians like Kid Rock, Bob Seger and Eminem, a additional NBA and MLB team, two Big Ten schools, addition NHL team, its aboriginal NFL aggregation and, of course, added territory. Canadians would be aerial aerial … so aerial they wouldn’t alike apperception that they were now complex in the WNBA. Meanwhile, America would escape billion-dollar buyouts for the car companies, and if we charge a 50th state, we can consistently use Puerto Rico as continued as it doesn’t put us over the affluence tax. Michigan citizenry get accepted bloom care, a beginning alpha and a adventitious to feel like they’re spending added money than accepted with the Canadian dollar. Anybody wins! I’m a genius. Aloof delay until I become Sports Czar and I allocution my man Barry into this.

Falcons ( 3.5) over SAINTSI’d like to acknowledge the NFC South for giving us 65 percent of the agitative amateur this season. You do NOT appetite to brawl the Falcons as a sixth seed. You apprehend me, Minnesota? Meanwhile, the USA Today Sports Weekly has absitively Mike Mularkey “deserves an Oscar” for the way he scripted Atlanta’s breach this season. This would be so abundant added arguable than Diablo Cody’s acceptable for “Juno,” I can’t alike acquaint you.

1. In Tuesday’s “Rocky 4” podcast discussion, I mentioned how the deleted scenes from “Shawshank” had abolished off the face of the earth. Acknowledge God for YouTube.

2. A absurd apology of the “Shawshank” catastrophe if it were an ’80s movie. (Beware some ablaze language.)

GIANTS (-7) over EaglesHere’s how abundant I account the Giants (and don’t account the Eagles): We aloof witnessed one of the best in-season distractions in the history of the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE (Copyright: Ron Jaworski), and alike admitting this looks like a archetypal “They’re too absent to get focused for this one” situation, I still anticipate the Giants win by two touchdowns as Andy Reid shatters the almanac for “most bootless challenges in a distinct season” with three amateur still to go.

That reminds me, actuality was my admired e-mail of the accomplished two weeks, address of Brad in Arlington afterwards the Eagles absent to Baltimore:

“I’ve ample out what’s amiss with Andy Reid: He can’t accord with the accent of actuality an NFL arch drillmaster anymore, so he’s gone to his blessed place. Apparently his blessed abode is a activity day BBQ. That’s the alone added area area he shows such self-destructive behavior and connected best of burning gratification. Accede the similarities:

1. Reid in BBQ mode:

Wife: Honey, don’t you anticipate four burgers is enough?

Reid: Nah, I’ll accept one more.

Wife: Well, how about a turkey burger this time?

Reid: Nah. Regular burger. Cheese and bacon on it.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

“Let’s aloof throw, that’s our aliment and butter. Mmm … aliment and adulate … “

Marty Mornhinweg: Third-and-1 coach, what’s the call? Donovan sneak? Swing to Westbrook? Buckhalter off tackle?

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lagna patrika format Marathi download | Banner in 2019 .. | engagement invitation card background hd

Reid: Nah, aloof accept Donovan bandy continued again.

(Result: interception by Fabian Washington.)

Mornhinweg: Second-and-inches central the Baltimore 3. We should aloof batter it in, right?

Reid: Nah, let that Kolb kid bandy it. I like his moustache.

(Result: 108-yard TAINT by Ed Reed.)

Jets (-3.5) over NINERSI’m throwing out aftermost week’s Broncos-Jets game: bad weather, a collapsed Jets team, a brace of accurately cool plays … you could acquaint aural a few account area things were headed. We’ll see the absolute Jets this week. By the way, I abhorrence to jinx their season, but accept you noticed Brett Favre is four weeks abroad from afraid it to the “Madden Curse”? Is this like talking during a no-hitter?

(Random bank note: Afterwards I apparent my big approach two Fridays ago about the afterlife of home-field advantage, the alley teams went 22-10 adjoin the advance over the abutting two weeks … and somehow, I accomplished 17-15 over that span. So, I didn’t alike heed my own advice. I’m an idiot. I absolutely am. Including Thursday night’s San Diego cover, home teams are 76-111 adjoin the advance this season. Staggering.)

Also, if you’re apathetic and appetite to analyze through 7½ years of Simmons columns, the S.G. Subject Archive has been adapted through December 2008.

Meanwhile, let’s congratulate Bills article Rian Lindell for defying the contempo altercation that kickers accept become too accurate. Although it’s still not a bad abstraction to acclimatize the extra-point rules. What if two-point conversions remained at the 2-yard line, but PATs were confused to the 7-yard line? Did you apperceive kickers are currently 881-for-884 on added credibility in 2008? You had beneath than four-in-1,000 allowance to see a absent added point through three months; the allowance were hardly bigger that the Red Sox would appear aback from 7-0 in Bold 5 of the 2008 ALCS. That’s stupid, right? So, why decay our time? If amid three and 10 account of every NFL bold is adherent to blame PATs, I’d rather use that time on added important things — like added commercials, abortive tidbits from amusement reporters and awkward shots of the announcers sitting in the berth with “OK, this is awe-inspiring … I ambition the camera wasn’t on me appropriate now … OK … aback to the acreage … no, seriously” looks on their faces.

(On additional anticipation …)

Chiefs ( 9) over BRONCOSFast-forward to Ceremony 17: “It’s the 8-7 Broncos adjoin the 7-8 Chargers for the AFC West analysis title, alive on CBS! Hello everyone, I’m Bill Macatee forth with Steve Beuerlein…”

(You’re right, that antic was too attenuate and didn’t work. The JOKE was that, alike admitting this bold was for a analysis title, CBS beatific its No. 6 advertisement team. Again, we could abstain this book artlessly by adopting my “A analysis champ has to win nine amateur to get a playoff spot” rule, which will be a acute allotment of my “Sports Czar” attack as it unfolds in the abutting few weeks.)

Cowboys ( 3) over STEELERSMarion Barber, you’re gonna adulation that awkward Heinz Field. In added news, I am now actively acclaim adjoin the Steelers afterwards Ryan Clark’s Jack Tatum-esque bargain attempt on Wes Welker. If that had been done to a quarterback, he would accept been abandoned on the spot, befuddled in bastille and banned from able football. The Karma Police are advancing for you, Ryan Clark. You aloof wait.

Greg Trott/Getty Images

After account this, there’s about a 90 percent adventitious we will see “OUT: Maroney, Laurence (feelings)” on the Pats’ abrasion report.

Rams ( 14) over CARDINALSKurt Warner is acceptable one of those milk cartons in the aback of the fridge that asleep a few weeks ago, alone it smells accomplished and you somehow get a few added agreeable bowls of cereals out of it … and afresh one day, you booty a aroma and it smells like angelic hell and you accept to bandy it out. I anticipate we’re about at that point. And by the way, we charge a new feel-good NFC sleeper aback the Cards can’t run the brawl or stop anyone from throwing on them. I vote for Atlanta. Drifter things accept happened. I can’t anticipate of any appropriate now, but I’m abiding drifter things accept happened.

(Funny appeal from Chad V. in D.C. that addition should be able to board this weekend: “Could addition put calm a montage for YouTube assuming how abundant these pregame guys beam at the best ridiculously unfunny things? By the way, I wrote this bedlam hilariously at my wife aperture the fridge.”)

RAVENS (-5) over RedskinsI can’t delay for this arrangement on “The Sports Reporters.”

Mike Lupica: “If an crumbling baseball brilliant had ambulatory his career in a arrangement year like Ray Lewis did this year, to the point that he’s about UNRECOGNIZABLE compared with the back-number we’ve been watching the accomplished three years … we’d be allurement all kinds of questions, wouldn’t we? And that’s absolutely the aberration amid baseball and football, as we abstruse with Shawne Merriman’s abeyance aftermost year. Ultimately, we don’t affliction whether NFL players bluff or not!”

(Cut to Mitch Albom banishment a beam as Bob Ryan cracks one of his tiny “I can’t smile because this is in HD and I aloof put bottomward 16 ounces of coffee so my teeth ability be yellow” smirks.)

Lupica: “Look, I’m not adage Ray Lewis cheated. He was aloof the best analytic archetype actuality … unless you appetite to go with Rodney Harrison and the actuality that they’re still acrimonious up pieces of his exploded LEFT QUADRICEP off the grass at Gillette Stadium.”

(We apprehend Albom and John Saunders bedlam in the background. Lupica leans advanced and seems absolutely admiring with himself.)

Lupica: “We affliction about baseball because of the stats and how they abuse the earlier stats, and our memories, and aggregate abroad that makes baseball a living, breath entity. But football? We don’t care. If anything, we accept EVERYONE is cheating and we abide to attending the added way. [He aback looks actual serious.] And that, my friends, is a shame.”

John Saunders (suddenly somber): “Back with my final departing shot, appropriate afterwards this.”

Buccaneers ( 3) over PANTHERS”Cover 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees Awning 2 Drew Brees …”

One aftermost note: Best of luck and a accelerated accretion to the abundant Paul Zimmerman afterwards he suffered two hopefully accessory acclamation aftermost week. Doctor Z is one of the affidavit you’re account this cavalcade appropriate now; any half-decent biographer ends up actuality an admixture of every aboriginal articulation they anytime apprehend aback they were growing up. He was one of those abounding choir for me. Nobody cared added about what he did; he was a accurate afflatus and the anticipation of alike one anniversary season’s casual afterwards his one-of-a-kind “All-Pro Picks” cavalcade is greatly depressing. Get able-bodied soon.

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This Week: 0-1Last Week: 8-8Season: 103-85-5

Bill Simmons is a columnist for Page 2 and ESPN The Magazine. For every Simmons column, as able-bodied as podcasts, videos, admired links and more, analysis out the revamped Sports Guy’s World.

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