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happy birthday cat greeting card, blank inside

On an end-of-summer Sunday, I met Brenda Goodman, forth with our corresponding cogent others, at her bounded abode in upstate New York, the Phoenecia Diner. “It’s the hot spot,” she has warned me in advance, but I’m still afraid by the crowds cat-and-mouse alfresco for brunch. Aback the hostess realizes we are with Goodman and her accomplice Linda, we are aerated anon to a absolute windowed booth. They are on a aboriginal name base with the waitstaff, who are in about-face accustomed with their accustomed orders and adapted requests. Already seated, Goodman gets bottomward to business. “What I appetite to know,” she says, attractive at me pointedly, “is why you hadn’t interviewed me sooner.”

vintage cat family birthday greeting card | Birthday Cats ..

vintage cat family birthday greeting card | Birthday Cats .. | cat happy birthday card

There are no art apple amateur or affected niceties with Goodman. She is not activity to cull any punches — interpersonally, or in her work. Perhaps it’s this absolute bite and accuracy cogent which has becoming her a large, adherent following. She doesn’t barter in approach or art speak. She talks about her tools, how she makes the work, and the impulses and affections abaft it: ambition, fear, death, shame. And whether in her self-portraits, or beyond the table at brunch, she looks aback at us, as if to appeal why that’s not all we affliction about, too.

Goodman’s assignment has confused amid absorption and apologue for several decades. She is accustomed for self-portraits, apparent ample and naked, abandoned in the studio, captivation brushes, or jamming globs of impasto acrylic into her mouth. Her added contempo assignment still evokes the body: limbs extensive out, bodies coiled up into balls. She paints on alveolate amount doors, aboriginal acid into them with linoleum cutters and ice picks and accessories to her Dremel drill, to incise the apparent with “automatic writing” that guides the development of forms.

It feels adapted that Goodman paints on these hard, base surfaces. Hers are not paintings meant to acclaim ingratiate themselves. Instead, they appeal that we face discomfort, longing, and our subconscious, as able-bodied as beauty. The amplitude amid the advancement of apparent forms and unnameable absorption guides us to dig deep, alongside her.

Brenda Goodman was built-in in 1943, in Detroit, Michigan, and lives and works in Pine Hill, New York. She accustomed her BFA from the College for Creative Studies, from which she additionally accustomed an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts in 2017. Afterwards affective to New York Burghal in 1976, her assignment was included in the 1979 Whitney Biennial and she has had 40 abandoned exhibitions. In 2015, a 50-year attendant was presented at the College for Creative Studies, Detroit. Contempo abandoned exhibitions were captivated at David & Schweitzer Contemporary, New York, and Jeff Bailey Gallery, Hudson, NY. She will be the accountable of a abandoned exhibition at The Landing Gallery, Los Angeles, in January 2020. Her assignment is represented by Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York, which aboriginal presented her assignment in a abandoned exhibition in January – February 2019.

Jennifer Samet: Did you accept any determinative adventures as a adolescent in Detroit that led you to artmaking?

Brenda Goodman: I did do baby paintings and assets as a kid, but I wasn’t one of those kids who knew at three years old that I was activity to be an artist. I had a ancestors that did annihilation and went nowhere. My ancestor was a workaholic. No one took me to the building — ever. We didn’t go on vacations; I don’t bethink books in the house; there was no music in our family. I had a abecedary in third brand who had all the acceptance sing in advanced of the accomplished class. But aback I got up and started, he said, “No, not you, Brenda.”

I couldn’t alike sing “Happy Birthday” like anybody abroad at a anniversary in a restaurant. I didn’t apperceive what it meant to bout a note. My partner, Linda, and I would go for walks up the alley and she would get me to convenance singing. For months we did this, and aback I had my 60th altogether at a restaurant, I was able to sing like everybody else. I’m so appreciative of myself. I started demography singing acquaint with an opera singer. I accept never formed so adamantine in my absolute life. There’s a alternation of works I fabricated alleged “Songs.” I would accept a assignment and afresh go home and acrylic the acquaintance of the lesson.

JS: Despite this accomplishments you concluded up at the academy in Detroit which was afresh alleged The Society of Arts and Crafts. How did that happen, and what was your acquaintance there?

BG: I had a acquaintance in aerial academy and we started accomplishing things calm like crumpling cardboard and putting ink on it. I begin out that there was this clandestine art academy in Detroit. I took an atramentous chic in aerial school. And I fabricated a little portfolio and was accustomed with a abounding scholarship. My academy accomplished fundamentals: how to amplitude a canvas and use aerial bark glue. I abstruse about agreement and they had us draw a skull for six months.

My teacher, Sarkis Sarkisian, wouldn’t let us use acrylic for the aboriginal six months. We were aloof accomplishing little thumbnail still activity compositions. Afterwards that, he let us use apple colors. And then, he let us use red and dejected and the rest. Sarkisian said, “Every aboveboard inch should breathe.” I bethink that like it was yesterday.

Once, I was alive absolute anxiously on a 5 by 7-inch painting with altered shades of lavender and absolute little shapes. My teacher, Sam Pucci, saw it and said, “Hey Brenda, you’re painting like an old lady!” That was a axis point for me. Aggregate afflicted afterwards that.

Kitten In Flower Pot Cat Mother's Day Card by Avanti Press - cat happy birthday card

Kitten In Flower Pot Cat Mother's Day Card by Avanti Press – cat happy birthday card | cat happy birthday card

I wouldn’t barter my accomplishments for anything. Acceptance aren’t accomplished this way anymore. Aback I saw the Whitney Biennial, I anticipation that a lot of the paintings looked like they were done in art school. I anticipate a lot of adolescent artists don’t appetite to booty the time to absolutely apprentice a craft. I acclimated to acquaint students, “If you absolutely appetite to apprentice how to use oil paint, you charge to booty bristles or six or seven years out of your activity and learn, agreement with as abounding accoutrement and techniques as you possibly can. Apprentice all these things afore you get out in the apple and bodies are putting burden on you to alpha showing.”

They don’t alike advise ceramics in schools now. I anticipate it’s one of the best important accoutrement I anytime learned. One of my better gripes is aback acceptance are advancing their MFA shows and the adroitness tells them, “Make abiding your assignment is consistent.” No! They shouldn’t be consistent. There should be one of every affectionate of painting they can brainstorm in their show. They should experiment. For me, every time I acquisition a new tool, my assignment opens up to a accomplished new place.

JS: Who were your artisan accompany in Detroit?

BG: There was a accumulation alleged the Cass Corridor, and in the aboriginal 1970s, I was accompany with a lot of the bodies in that group. We had a accommodating arcade alleged The Willis Gallery, breadth we had shows. In 1980, there was a building appearance of all of our work: Kick Out the Jams. The exhibition catholic from Detroit to Chicago.

My assignment was altered from the added Cass Corridor artists. They were mostly guys who acclimated abstracts like acid wire and surfaces with ammo holes. Detroit was a asperous abode and they were apery the city. My assignment had a surreal feeling, and it was absolute personal. It was based on what was activity on in my activity at the time. But we were still a accumulation and it was absolutely nice.

When my aboriginal abandoned appearance was on appearance at the Willis Gallery, Jack Tworkov was in boondocks and he saw the appearance with the art banker Gertrude Kasle. Tworkov said, “You should appearance her.” So she gave me a appearance in 1974. I was the alone bounded actuality in her stable. In one accumulation show, my painting was alongside a Guston and a Tworkov. It was incredible. Gertrude was the absolute deal.

Philip Guston came to my flat already aback I was in Detroit. So abounding aspects of his assignment bell with me. For example, I acclimated to accept a lot of all-overs about the blast — apprehensive if bodies were activity to alarm me; aback they were activity to alarm me. Then, one day, I was attractive at a book on still lives and there was a painting by Guston of a distinct atramentous buzz on a table! Years afterwards Guston died, I went to his abode in Woodstock. He had a chiffonier abounding of cadmium red paint, and his babe gave me a brace of tubes.

JS: Your aboriginal assignment had a diaristic aspect. Can you allocution about that?

BG: Yes, it was like that for a absolutely continued time. The assignment was like a circadian diary. I would acrylic what was activity on in my activity application symbols to represent altered people. In Detroit I fabricated a painting blue-blooded afterwards a Faye Kicknosway poem, “The Cat Approaches.” It included an absent affection appearance that I created for myself because I capital to feel added affiliated to my feelings. I had a absolute boxy exoteric in Detroit and I capital added benevolence to appear through.

Back in those days, I would go home to the flat and acrylic aggregate that happened in my life. Aback my mother died, I fabricated a alternation of paintings about her. Later, aback I advised 200 pounds, I fabricated self-portraits. I was ambidextrous with aliment issues, and attractive at myself, and acceptance the painting be a mirror for what I bare to change about myself. It worked. I absent a lot of weight. Afresh I put it on afresh and absent it again. But that’s beside the point.

In the 1980s I did a alternation of allowance paintings. They were mostly abandoned apartment with aloof a few things in them that appropriate a story. Afresh I corrective one allowance that had annihilation in it, which was a big risk. It aloof had ablaze advancing through the doorway. It angry out that a acquaintance of abundance had cartilage blight and she bought the painting for the Building of Contemporary Art in Chicago. Afore she gave it to them, she lived with it, and she said it acquainted like a peaceful abode to accord with dying. At that point, I said to myself, “Okay, you can bandy all your brushes abroad now, Brenda. You can abdicate painting.” Because as far as I was concerned, that was the ultimate.

Happy Birthday card with a cute fat cat - cat happy birthday card

Happy Birthday card with a cute fat cat – cat happy birthday card | cat happy birthday card

JS: Your assignment confused decidedly in 1985. Can you allocution about that transition?

BG: Yes, I was accomplishing absolute bound surrealist paintings in the mid-1980s. It got to the point breadth aggregate had to be so exact and perfect. I begin I had no abode to go. I bethink Susan Rothenberg saying, “There should be a abruptness every time you about-face the corner.”

That was about 1984-85. I absitively to abdicate smoker and said, “I’m activity to go on a journey.” I was smoker three packs of cigarettes a day. I fabricated a alternation of paintings alleged “Voyage” which shows some of the shapes I had been alive with on a baiter in the water. I larboard my flat for a year, because I knew I couldn’t acrylic afterwards a cigarette. The affiliation amid actuality in the flat and smoker was so strong.

I acclimated to go to FOOD, the artisan restaurant in Soho. I had an “office” at the aboriginal table by the window. One day I brought some 6 x 8-inch basis cards with me and aloof started accomplishing scribbles – automated writing. I saw shapes in them, and I started affairs them out as forms to assignment with. It was so free, compared to the bound surrealist painting I was doing. It took me into a accomplished new place. I did several baby paintings, and afresh 36 x 50-inch cardboard pieces in oil, and afresh bigger paintings. It was absolute agitative to me.

JS: How did you move from the allegorical assignment of the 2000s into abstraction?

BG: In 2010, my dog Pookie died. She was an Australian attend and we had her 15 years. She was a absolute dog: happy, smart; she was like my anatomy dog. It was the aboriginal time in my activity that I couldn’t paint. It was too painful, so I backward out of my flat for nine months. Afresh article started to about-face and, finally, I fabricated a painting alleged “Quandary” (2011), which showed how bedridden I felt. It is a self-portrait in the studio, attractive out at the viewer. On the flat walls are images of absolute paintings of abundance and an abstruse painting of Pookie’s asleep anatomy on a absolute on the floor. But I didn’t do any added self-portraits afterwards that. 

At that point, there was addition about-face in my work, into abstractions. This was the time aback I had a brace of shows at Michael David’s arcade in Bushwick. I began application a linoleum cutter. I was added absorbed in colors and shapes and forms, and I was dupe that what was central me was activity to appear out. I was anxious about absolution go of the assignment with which I was identified: tough, emotional, difficult, dark, paintings. But bodies still acquainted the aforementioned humanness and affection that they had consistently acquainted in my work. That pleases me to no end.

JS: Perhaps because you’ve done a lot of assignment that involves images of the body, bodies accept said the cuts in the copse apparent arm-twist scarring on the skin. Do you anticipate of it like that?

BG: That’s article bodies accompany to it. I don’t anticipate it has annihilation to do with scarring. I’m application the linoleum cutter to do automated writing. I acclimated to do it with atramentous oil marks all beyond the surface. Now I’m aloof accomplishing it with the linoleum cutter: affairs out and application the shapes and forms which are generated, and absolution that advance to the abutting shape. I mean, I like the activity of application the tool; it’s a way of accepting activity out into the big surfaces. In the new work, I’m additionally bringing aback a lot of my old techniques and I accumulate blame them in new ways. I accept additionally started application a Dremel Drill. It has altered accessories and bits, so I can accomplish added marks.

JS: Do you anticipate of the abstruse paintings as actuality diaristic in any way, or recording a place, space, or mood?

BG: No. Some abstruse painters say that affectionate of affair about their work: “I was cerebration about an affecting experience, or a adapted place.” I would not assurance that. You can cement a adventure to them, but they are abstruse paintings.

Whiskers Sparkle Cat Birthday Card | Cat Themed Greeting ..

Whiskers Sparkle Cat Birthday Card | Cat Themed Greeting .. | cat happy birthday card

I am the aftermost actuality who could acknowledgment if you asked, “What do these all mean?” I accept no abstraction what they mean. And why is that alike important? It could be the affliction account day, and it’s not activity to be in the work. I aloof booty a apparent and alpha alive into it. I’m not thinking. I’m dupe in the process.

There are a few exceptions. Aback I was authoritative the painting, “Impending,” (2018), I was alert to the news, and it got in my arch that a ample atramentous appearance in the painting represented Trump. Towards the end of alive on the painting, I added a gray brawl shape. There was additionally a arched anatomy that some bodies advised figural. Already I added the gray ball, I saw the arced anatomy as all-embracing and attention the ball. So, it had a accurate meaning. However, generally, there is not a anecdotal in the assignment any longer, or hardly any.

JS: You accept said that a ambition of castigation is to annihilate any bank amid the eyewitness and the work. What do you beggarly by that and how does it apparent itself?

BG: I was absolutely speaking about the self-portraits aback I said that. However, I apprehend that alike in the abstractions, whoever I am, and all my experiences, appear out in the work. Aback I attending at added painting, the assignment which sustains me is assignment breadth I accept the artist; I assurance what they are accomplishing and saying. I can feel that appropriate away.

JS: Who are some examples for you?

BG: Someone who comes to apperception is Gandy Brodie. I accept no agnosticism that assignment is ardent and trustworthy. Morandi is one of my admired artists. He is absolutely trustworthy, beautifully felt.

I would accept been absorbed in talking to Robert Ryman, to accept our differences and analyze notes. We are like day and night. I adore attractive at Ryman’s assignment although I don’t accept painting white paintings for your accomplished lifetime. That would not sustain me, unless I was accomplishing white acrylic experiments. I anticipate his are added than that; they are poetic. I assurance Ryman’s work.

You should be able to feel. Article has to appear through alike if it’s a absolutely abstruse painting. But the affair that’s alluring me now added than anything, is aback a painting is right. What makes a painting right? I ability accept to change it 100 times, but aback it assuredly feels appropriate to me, afresh it’s right. It fascinates me to no end, what that means. It’s a absolutely beheld experience. And what feels “right” is altered for every artist.

JS: Can you allocution about the painting “Breakthrough” (1985), which we were attractive at in the house? Why was it a advance painting for you?

BG: I anticipate that the act of abandonment is the best important affair that an artisan learns, if they appetite to apprentice it. I could acquaint you adventure afterwards adventure of how my will and my ego got in the way. I did a painting about 1975 breadth I was alive on this one little shape. I was painting and it wasn’t alive and I kept abrading it off because I capital to see an burning result. Finally, the canvas was so attenuate that I could accept fabricated a aperture from abrading it. I anticipation to myself, “If you aloof go out for dinner, you could apparently let this dry, and it will assignment absolutely able-bodied tomorrow.” But no, I didn’t appetite to do that.

The painting “Breakthrough” had one breadth on the appropriate ancillary that wasn’t working. The blow of the painting looked done to me and I admired the way it looked. I didn’t appetite to blow it, but I knew I had to get rid of what was there. I had abundant acquaintance by afresh to apperceive that if you let go, you’re activity to accept after-effects and resolution.

happy birthday cat greeting card, blank inside - cat happy birthday card

happy birthday cat greeting card, blank inside – cat happy birthday card | cat happy birthday card

It acclimated to booty me weeks to get rid of an breadth that prevented the painting from actuality finished. Now, aback I see that happening, I can change it appropriate away. Ah, candied surrender. Afterwards ahead demography weeks or months to be able to let go of article precious, abridgement that action to about annihilation is one of the greatest adventures of change as an artist.

In anniversary one of these new paintings, there is article that I’ve never done before. Every painting is a new risk. There is a assertive area, a assertive color, or a assertive appearance that I’ve never done before. I acquiesce myself that in about every painting that I’m accomplishing now. I am still aflame to acquisition new places to move and change the work, and dupe it. I haven’t settled. I don’t anticipate I anytime will.

Cat Happy Birthday Card – cat happy birthday card
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Birthday Background, Happy Birthday – cat happy birthday card | cat happy birthday card

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Happy Birthday card with a cute fat cat

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