“What should you leave to your grandchildren when you are dead? Only what you leave them in their head.”

When a writer friend said this to me at a party a couple years ago, I decided to begin writing every day, committing to paper life lessons, stories of adventure, family sagas, delicious recipes, worldly travels and life as a wife, mother and Gramma to 20 grandchildren, who call me Honey. With the stroke of a pen, Gramma Good was born, and has since expanded into a community of close to 100,000 family women of all ages.

This Is My Story…

aboutpage_grammagoodI raised my family in Honolulu, Hawaii. After being widowed in my forties, I moved to the mainland with my daughters and eventually on to a second marriage. My husband Shelly and I now have a wonderful family, a blended family, with 20 grandchildren (and I can’t forget our Wheaten Terrier, Orchid). How lucky is that!

My life is a mixture of the bitter and the sweet, the joys and the sorrows – I’ve traveled the world making lasting friendships, survived cancer and lived through the horror of a family suicide. Through example I have shown my family how to make lemonade out of
lemons and see the glass half full.

Gramma Good is a collection of lessons, love and adventures from not only myself, but from a fantastic group of contributors and writers, each adding their own spice to the recipe.

Women of all ages have sent in so many questions and for that reason I started the “Ask Gramma Good” column that you can see in the right sidebar. Ask me anything and I will post my answer there. I love answering your questions.

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As grammas, mothers and daughters, we meet at Gramma Good – a place for the entire family of women to laugh and learn together. I’m so happy to have you join our community!




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